One Spark Ventures, Inc. (OSV) was formed as a Social Purpose Corporation. This enables OSV to consider social or environmental issues in decision making instead of relying only on profit-maximizing goals.

We feel the promotion of Creators to build new ventures that will energize and invigorate Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, and grow the economy, jobs and the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, is worthy of this mission. If we do our jobs well and invest not only in the Creator’s ideas but in the Creator themselves, it’s a worthy investment and returns will come over time.

We also believe that, as a Social Purpose Company, we can seek investments in projects and ideas that are not your typical enterprise technology platform but those that promote Social Good, which was an original mission of the One Spark Crowdfunding Festival.

More than being a connector of Creators with Capital and The Community, we can invest in and promote ideas with a Social Purpose.